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Global Warming Monthly

Boycott: April 11-14th

Join the 4 Day Stop Driving/ Global Warming 8th annual boycott September 11th-14th

     Having recently experienced the four hottest years on record and the hottest 16 months on record 16 months in a row we are in a state of emergency with respect to global warming. In the last few years, there have been several record-breaking hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico (Harvey, Irma, & Maria in 2017 alone), massive wildfires and heat records broken in California, and devastating floods killing thousands of people and displacing millions in South Asia. All of these extreme weather events were made more likely and more severe as a consequence of global warming.[1]

     Given the extreme urgency of global warming, the 4-day stop driving campaign spearheaded by Blackfeet Elder Zachary RunningWolf became in its 7th year a monthly event, taking place on the 11th-14th of every month.

     This April 11th-14th, please make a commitment to use bicycles, public transportation, or other alternatives and abstain from personal car use to help us transition towards sustainable living for the 7 generations after us and the future of the planet. As the Hopi prophecy tells us: we have the power to change the course we are on, if we follow the laws of the Creator by living with respect for nature.